Friday, 30 September 2016

My favourite Fall candles

Happy Fall everyone! 

It is finally my favourite time of year and in my opinion the best time of year! Unless you love Fall I don't think you will understand just how happy I am Summer is over and Autumn has returned! 

As a season, Autumn brings so much with it, colourful leaves, crisp air, flannels, pumpkin spice lattes but one of my favourite things about fall is how cosy the season allows you to be. There are so many ways to make your home feel cosy during autumn. One of my favourite ways to make any room in your house feel like the cosiest place on Earth is with candles. Throw on a pair of your comfy pjs, make a cup of tea and grab a book, you may just be the cosiest person in the world. 

I absolutely love candles, especially fall inspired ones, so let me tell you composing this list was not easy! 

  1. Cosy home - Village Candles. Village candles always seem to do some of the BEST scented candles, they're reasonably priced AND they last a really long time! Cosy home makes your home feel just that, cosy. This candle infuses scents of clove, cinnamon and tea. I know what you're thinking, tea? Trust me it works. I have this burning 80% of the time, especially on cold evenings, let me tell you it is SO good!              

  2. Pumpkin Pie- Bath and Body works. This candle smells exactly how you'd expect it to and is definitely one of my favourite go to scents for fall! Bath and body works always seem to know how to make the best candles for every season, especially Autumn and Winter.                                                                              

  3. Autumn- The White Company. The White Company seem to always blow me away with their candles this year was no different! Autumn mixes fruity scents with muskier tones and amber. It smells so amazing and definitely makes any room feel super cosy.                                                                                                
  4. Zoella Lifestyle - Gingerbread village. Now I'm not a huge Zoella fan, I think her videos are sometimes a little too young for me, although I do enjoy her at times! As a result of this I've never owned any of her products, so when I heard she had brought out a lifestyle range I was a bit apprehensive, but after researching it extensively I knew I had to own the Gingerbread village Candle. This candle smells exactly how I imagine a gingerbread village to smell. It's sweet, spicy and reminds you of treats baking in the oven on those cold days, you know the ones I mean!                                                                                                  
  5. Leaves - Bath and Body works. As I said before, Bath and Body works do some AMAZING fall candles and leaves definitely has to be one of them! Leaves has a very fresh yet warm smell. It smells exactly how fall should, warm yet crisp. Leaves mixes scents of Apple and clove together to create a sweet, crisp and warm scent! 

Let me know your favourite scents for Fall! 

| Em |

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  1. Loved this post! I have thought about doing a post or video similar to this! There are so many amazing candles out there that need to be talked about! Oh I love candles! I just bought my first Christmas one the other day and I am so excited to burn it!